EMETS Medical Education Programmes

Our mission

World class education to meet our customers needs on their schedule, anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Using EMETS

The most obvious advantage is the cost factor. And we are not just talking about the cost of hiring a qualified training officer and staff. There are many other cost involved in assuring maintenance of your standard of care.

Consider this

Liability Insurance</strong: Telling your insurer you have contracted your training services out often lowers your cost

Training Aids:
When was the last time you bought a manikin? Pretty expensive huh? When you use EMETS, we bring the course and the training aids with us!

Cooperative Affiliations: When was the last time you needed a specialty program? How hard was it to find a one stop package? When you use EMETS, we bring a global footprint with us that is second to none! With our CONUS partnerships with EMETSEEI Institute, ShootGTR, Emergency Educational Training Institute and many more their are not many courses we cannot put together to suit your needs and budget. One of our OCONUS training sites is SD Safety Health Center, owned by our good friend and EMETS authorized instructor Mr. Sujan Das. Mr. Das brings a very unique atmosphere to his ASHI programs in Dhaka Bangladesh! We are also proud to have a 20+ year footprint in the Caribbean with Twin City Care Ambulance, owned and operated by or good friend and EMETS/EMETSEEI Caribbean Coordinator, Mr. Jerry Galloway! With an office in St. Croix, we offer a variety of Community, EMS continuing education and initial EMS education programs?

Travel Expenses:
Ever sent your personnel to some far off training seminar? Think of the liability you assumed sending them there! Should they be injured while on this journey, your agency can expect an increase in your workman’s compensation rates and we don’t even want to think of the possibilities that your personnel may end up somehow in trouble with the law! We come to you. All of those travel fears are eliminated.

Custom Courses:
You thought of a great course. You want to put it together and present it, but in the first place there are budgetary concerns, and then there are your own time constraints. Let us put together a custom course for you. There is no medical related subject that we would not be able to provide!

And finally…STRESS!:
Let us take it off of your shoulders! All of our instructors carry incredible credentials and are handpicked by us. Each instructor brings with them literally years of actual in-field experience as well as an expertise in education. When you contract EMETS, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that your personnel are going to come away with the ultimate power available…knowledge!

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EMETS Medical Education Programmes